Things You Should Consider When Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Agent

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You wanted to tackle your commercial lease renewal on your own, but have now made the decision to head out and hire a commercial real estate agent for the process. Knowing that you are on the lookout for a good commercial real estate agent, here we mention some of the things that you should take into consideration.

Make sure that you do not compromise on any of these items because your negligence can come back haunt you in the long run.

Look out for the following things when hiring a commercial real estate agent:


A lease renewal project is a lot like a construction project – it can go on for longer than what you might have anticipated. Knowing this, you should make sure to hire someone who is likeable and easy to talk to. Once you hire someone who is likeable and easy to be around, the whole process will bode well with you. The agent shouldn’t, however, be Mr. Nice all the time as he/she should know just when to be firm around other agents.


Your trust should not lie with the agency you are going for, but with the agent that you have selected for the job. Trust is a very big factor in the whole process since the confidence you have on your agent will determine the kind of relation that you share. It can often be hard to know who you can trust and who you shouldn’t, but it is best for you to go with your gut instinct and trust whoever you find the best fit for your transaction.

Real Estate Technical Competence

This should be a must for your commercial real estate agent. Your commercial real estate agent should have the technical competence needed to get the job done. They should know all about the rates going around for real estate and help you get the best possible deal on your property.

Most agents who do well in the industry do so because of their knowledge regarding common real estate info and the people skills that they possess. They can easily work their way out of tough situations if they have the technical expertise required to do so.


The commercial real estate agent you choose should have years of experience under his/her belt. You should most definitely check how long a person has been associated in the field and what is their experience. Normally, you can believe experience to be a sign of good command over negotiation skills, because someone with extensive experience might have closed numerous deals. Also make sure that the experience shows in the way they talk and carry themselves.

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