Signs It Is Time for a New Commercial Real Estate Broker

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Here we look at some of the signs when it is time for you to get a new commercial real estate broker for your agreement. 

While the industry is filled with quite knowledgeable and expert real estate brokers, chances are that you can get hooked with the wrong real estate broker not meant for you. Commercial real estate requires expert knowledge, and your broker should be the go-to person for all your questions and claims.
Now, if your broker is not well-equipped to answer your questions or help you in your needs, than you need to make the shift towards a new commercial real estate broker.
Here, we look at some of the signs when it becomes imperative that you need a new commercial real estate broker. Follow these signs and make sure that you are on the track towards glory in the commercial real estate market:
Lack of Market Knowledge
This is the first red flag, and should get you ready for an alternative. Expecting your commercial real estate broker to have market knowledge is the bare minimum. Your real estate broker should be able to study the market and know the trends within the market.
While you shouldn’t expect them to have all the granular knowledge from every real estate market within America, you would want them to know of areas with the best deals within your budget.
With the correct market knowledge, your real estate broker can help you close deals and get good contracts from your landlord.
No Global Network
Commercial real estate brokers understand that your business can soon go national or even global, which is why they have a global network to assist you in your hour of need. However, if your real estate broker lacks any global network, they wouldn’t be able to do anything for you.
To get the right results here, you need to make sure that you and your real estate broker are on the same page as far as going global is concerned. Your real estate broker shouldn’t necessarily work for a national firm, but they should have links around states.
No Track Record
Commercial real estate can be tricky for newbies, which is why your real estate broker needs to have a solid track record that proves their experience. They should have a record of the clients they have worked with and the deals they have successfully closed.
Unreturned Calls
This is the final nail on the coffin, and should be the last sign for you to make the shift to a new commercial real estate broker. Your broker should be available on call and should pick up when required. Not picking up calls and not calling back at all is just a massive turn-off.
If your commercial real estate agent does not have time for you, you should replace them with someone who does and contact

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