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We offer commercial loan programs to suit nearly every borrower, traditional office building or and any modern office facility. We have very creative and custom loans for Office Buildings to fit your investment needs.

Whether you need to refinance a $10,000,000 loan or need financing for an acquisition of a $25,000,000 Commercial Office Building, we are experienced at providing and structuring your Loan.

We understand the special financing needs of Office buildings. That is why our professional staff is prepared to provide knowledgeable, and courteous help to fund your loan. Our commercial loan programs are quick financial solutions for commercial property owners and investors. These loans are generally for higher quality real estate and lower leverage. Minimum thresholds for these loans are now $1 million. Rates continue to be historically low.

Qualifying types of Office properties include:

  • Medical Facilities
  • Suburban and urban office buildings,
  • Professional and medical office buildings
  • Single tenant office properties with long term leases located in strong
  • Research parks & High-Tech parks

Non-specific details of the new order Conduit Programs include:

  • 70% – 80% Loan to Value
  • 1.25 Debt Service Coverage
  • Good Occupancy
  • Rates in the low +/- 5% range

If you are looking for a loan for your office buildings, contact our mortgage advisors now.

We are just a call away, call us at (408) 780-2200 or click the button below to contact us online.

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